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IRS CONSULTS LTD is one of the West and Central Africa’s largest public sector services company with a business concern on Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) and its associated revenue streams like the transport sub-sector and property.

Through its “super research system” the IRS CONSULTS provides a real-time support mechanism that connects various stakeholders from different touch points and transaction channels world over. The company has made presence in twelve (12) states of the federation through a partnership arrangement with Interswitch Nigeria Ltd, The Pajuno Dev. Company Ltd, and Alpha Beta Consulting. Apposite the afore mentioned and leveraging the available resources and competence, we shall use our vast knowledge in business to introduce a world class Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) solution that will expand the revenue base of any state as to improve the quantum of revenue in the state and check “leakages and pilferages”

Our models are flexible to help you reach the optimal level of performance, in both profitable revenues and revenue management. Whether you already utilize revenue management or you want to start applying it now, IRS is the right partner to deliver your requirements.


We apply our profit maximization techniques in all revenue procedures deployed, enabling instilling Revenue Management as a business philosophy and strategy, rather than a management technique. We have a dedicated revenue management team with the capability to assess the needs of your company specifically, and will offer solutions that match your requirements.


We have the capacity and capability with years of both local and global experience in managing revenue operations. This has given us the upper hand when it comes to understanding the nuances of the changing trends in the industry, and how to keep up with it. This is why we take a strategic and holistic approach for every project and collaborate with the clients to provide them with what they need.

Our Flexibilities


  • • Enhance the revenue stream, expand revenue net to drive growth
  • • Minimize revenue leakage throughout the revenue lifecycle
  • • Purpose-built solutions tailored to satisfy clients and enhance growth


  • •Enhanced revenue support models
  • •Visibility on every revenue transaction
  • •Real-time risk management and compliance for enhanced productivity


  • •Automate revenue payments
  • •Flexibility in revenue payments
  • •Revenue compliance monitoring for profitability and growth

Our capabilities

Strategic Uniqueness

We help governments and companies alike develop and execute strategies for sustainable revenue growth through a rigorous process where we identify their specific needs and goals by implementing revenue adjustment and instituting revenue guidelines across segments. In collaboration with our clients, IRS deploys a strategy to revenue management. Our objective is to help clients improve revenue administration, collections and achieve their goals as may be required. Our proven technology investment strategies help reduce or eliminate the risk of obsolesce, reduces clients long-term technology cost, and quickly leverage emerging technologies not only to generate but have increment in revenues.

Analytics & Tools

We utilize best-in-class tools to generate insights and transform data into a sustainable competitive advantage for revenue generation. We clean, classify and store records in a standardized manner, despite variation in quality, format and detail of data collection. With a standard set of data, we can quickly obtain revenue generation insights for our clients. For the clients who need to better understand their market positioning and opportunities, we provide a comprehensive look at the market dynamics, a review and final report of recommendations will help clients position itself better for a better revenue. Our consultants are experienced with a wide array of revenue management systems so they can assimilate seamlessly into the established systems and provide full-service revenue strategy and optimization support


We research solutions that provide organizations and states with the ability to make better-informed decisions on their revenue.  An innovator and thought leader in the highly specialized revenue optimization field, IRS leverages cutting-edge research to bring clients the most sophisticated systems and help them achieve the highest profitability from revenue generation, monitoring and management. This helps in managing ever-evolving revenue landscape, and provides us the data needed in creating action plans and strategies that are unique to clients. Where we need to further research, we deploy, manage revenue heads and connects management setups.


IRS Revenue Collection System is a consolidated cash collection solution designed to be a centralized payment system. It is a solution for governments to receipt all types of revenue like; tax, permits, fines, radio and television licenses, establishment and maintenance of cemeteries, burial grounds and homes for the destitute or infirm, licensing of trucks (other than mechanically propelled trucks), canoes, establishment, maintenance and regulation of slaughter houses, slaughter slabs, markets, motor parks and public conveniences, construction and maintenance of roads, streets, street lighting, drains and other public highways, parks, gardens, open spaces, public facilities as may be prescribed from time to time by the House of Assembly of a State, naming of roads and streets and numbering of houses, provision and maintenance of public conveniences, sewage and refuse disposal, registration of all births, deaths and marriages, assessment of privately owned houses or tenements for the purpose of levying such rates as may be prescribed by the House of Assembly of a State, control and regulation of Out-door advertising and hoarding, movement and keeping of pets of all description, shops and kiosks, restaurants, bakeries and other places for sale of food to the public, laundries, and licensing, regulation and control of the sale of liquor.

Our system allows clients to easily create transactions that can be automatically tracked and reported. Tracks revenue collection in real time, flexible, easy to understand, user generated reports provides at a glance view of revenue collection scenario. Compares forecasts to actual results and provides guidance on actions required. This system is easily scalable and cost-effective. Our system increases collection efficiency by efficient time utilization.

Our flexibilities is managing revenue enables our clients to make intelligent business decisions based on factual data and the realities on the business.

Our clients are impressed with our approach and process on how we help government to improve their Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) strength. We come highly recommend on Revenue management services to open minded government parastatal/agency and business alike who are searching for a better business approach.

IRS offers a comprehensive revenue forecasting system which enables interactive multi-year financial forecasts, historic trend and statistical analysis. This easy-to-use solution allows the capability to create accurate and credible forecasts, along with the tools for efficiently managing, monitoring and improving the forecast process. IRS Revenue Forecasting System avails some world-class features to generate accurate revenue forecasting. We offer a wide range of forecasting models depending on your requirements. Different tools are available for forecast collaboration and team forecasting.

Reports are generated in adequate flexible, user-friendly formats. This system can be easily integrated with databases and corporate systems and also easily customizable.

sub title



Executing projects to improve your performance.

Based on clients identified needs, we deploy our knowledge and expertise to execute projects targeted to exceed client goals. We will set goals and timelines and continuously monitor and control the steps forward, ensuring the success of the project. This could be remittances, optimizing revenue management system, expanding the revenue net and improving revenue strategies as may be required by clients


Getting clients started with the right revenue management!

Whether clients are in the pre-opening phase or they want revenue management to become part of their existing business, correctly implementing revenue management from the beginning is essential. Crucially, it needs to be tailored to the needs of each individual states, government agencies or businesses. Factors such as clients target group, location and market demand generators are all vital parts to consider when implementing your revenue management strategies. We will navigate a well-designed process together to make sure we get it right from the beginning. To begin with, we need to understand clients business processes and needs, before evaluating the competition in order to position clients correctly in the market. Moving forwards with segmentation and strategies, we provide clients with the necessary tools, knowledge and processes to execute these and reach their targets.


Good revenue management takes a combination of experience, tools and data

How do you build a revenue rates plan for the year? We put our expertise on the table for those clients who know the required information needed and what decisions to make. Revenue rates and its management requires specialist revenue management experience about the current realities, stakeholders management skills and effective communication skill. We have a team with that capabilities.

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